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Lights resistant to moisture and dust

Why resistant light?

Some lights must have specific standards due to being installed in open space and humid environments. These lights must be able to withstand moisture, dust and other possibilities that may enter the light.

Rugged lights are usually referred to as water, impact, and shock resistant LED lights. These lights are used as flashlights, camping lights, emergency lights, general lights and even motorcycle or car lights in different places.


What is IP or degree of protection?

The meaning of “lamp protection degree” is related to different standards related to the resistance and performance of the lamp against various environmental factors. These standards are usually identified by IP code (Ingress Protection code).

IP code is two numbers, each code has a special meaning. The first number indicates protection against water or solid objects, while the second number indicates protection against water. For example, a light with IP65 means that it is protected against dust (the first number) and water (the second number).

This degree of protection informs the resistance of the lamp against impact or the degree of resistance of the lamp against different weather conditions, such as humidity, dust and water.

Therefore, the degree of protection of the light is determined by IP, so that users can choose the right light according to their needs.

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In general, the use of resistant lights is recommended due to the following advantages:

  1. Resistance to water and humidity: Resistant lights usually have waterproof standards. which allows them to be used in wet conditions and even under water. These are very useful in areas such as camping, outdoor use such as yards, restrooms, and other outdoor environments. Lights that are resistant to harsh weather conditions are called IP lights.
  2. Ensuring performance in emergency situations: In emergency situations such as power outages or accidents, the use of durable lights that have stable performance in harsh conditions can be very valuable and help people to function properly in these situations.
  3. Impact resistance : Resistant lights often have resistant materials and strong designs that allow them to work in harsh conditions and various impacts. This is very important because it will remain intact when the light may hit hard surfaces or fall from a great height.
  4. Durability and long life: Resilient lights often use advanced technologies such as LEDs, which have a long battery and light source life. This means less need to replace batteries or lights, saving money and time.

Usable locations

Anti-dust lights are suitable for environments with a lot of dust or moisture due to their isolation. Protecting the lamp against dust and moisture will increase its life. Anti-fog and anti-dust lights such as Mars and Mirona lights are perfect for office, commercial and industrial use.


From these lights in places like:

  • factories
  • stores
  • Parking and tunnels
  • Gas stations
  • Industrial environments
  • It is used in oil and gas industries.

Also, anti-fog lights are a perfect choice for indoor and humid environments such as:


  • Pools
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Toilet and bathroom
  • Rainy cities are suitable.

Points to consider in choosing a lamp against moisture and dust

1- Originality of the product

2- The standards used

3- Warranty

4- The appearance of the lamp

5- Make sure that the lights have the necessary standards.


Anti-fog lights

Mars anti-fog lamp

Mars anti-fog lights made by foggers, using the most advanced technologies in the world, are suitable for use in industrial environments. The degree of protection of this lamp is IP65. and has high mechanical resistance. These lights are resistant to any moisture and dust.

This lamp is equipped with a smart emergency system, which is on for 5 hours with 5 watts of efficiency during a power outage.

resistant light

Arian anti-fog lamp


Lamp resistant to moisture and dust

Aryan anti-moisture lamp is mostly used in humid environments with heavy rains. One of the attractive features of this lamp is its low energy consumption. Its body is made of integrated polycarbonate and has high resistance in different conditions.


Technical characteristics of resistant light

  • Complete protection against dust
  • It has protection against water penetration with high pressure from any direction on the body, it is one of the prominent features of resistant lights.
  • Resistant and anti-scratch body
  • Suitable for all spaces


last word

Ultimately, choosing a durable light depends on your specific needs and activities. But guaranteeing resistance against various factors can help you make the right choice. Danesh Banyan Meh Sazan Company is a proud manufacturer of 0 to 100 anti-fog and dust lights that it brings to the market with high quality and is the best choice for those who are looking for a safe and functional light.

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