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A brief introduction to fogging LED panels

Why LED fogging panels?

1. The body of the product is made of tin plate steel, which has a high cooling capacity due to the light weight and thinness of the sheet.
2. The angle of 135 degrees and the use of 324 LEDs, which guarantees high density, uniformity of light and long life of the product.
3. Using the module holder pin made of plastic and Hosta Form materials instead of bolts and nuts.
4. The terminals used in the product are earthed.
5. Using the protective frame of the driver to prevent possible water penetration.
6. The mechanism of using the hanging wire to prevent the free fall of the lamp in case of unexpected events (earthquake).
7. This product has a 5-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service.
This unique lamp has been designed and produced by the technical and engineering team of Danesh Banyan Meh Sazan Company.

Introducing the fog makers collection

Wide presence of fog makers among producers

Danesh Bianyan Meh Sazan Company was established in Mashhad in 1375 with the help of Almighty God and the application of modern knowledge in order to provide part of the needs of the country’s electricity industry. By attracting skilled and skilled workers, this company has been able to meet all the needs of its customers in the field of lighting. MahSazan company is able to mass produce SMD panels in different sizes and powers by having metal working workshops, press, molding, electrostatic paint lines and numerous assembly lines. The efforts of intelligent management, experienced staff and expert experts in different parts of the factory and the possession of advanced quality control research and development units that are currently responding to the needs of customers have made fog makers continuously achieve spectacular successes, and these successes are a seal of approval. It is based on the continuous activities of this company in improving the quality of products and making new designs according to domestic and international standards. With the aim of improving productivity, higher accuracy, reducing production time and lower costs, Danesh Banyan MahSazan Company has the ability to produce all products in a customized way.

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Today, technology in the dynamic lighting industry plays a very important role in product quality. Improving the process and operations in the level of personnel mistakes is reduced and by increasing the accuracy in production, an efficient, beautiful, durable product is presented to the consumer. Danesh Banyan Meh Sazan Company offers 10 years after-sales service in addition to the 5-year warranty for all its products as a token of appreciation for its valued customers. The need to pay attention to the well-being of the users of fogging products is one of our priorities.