Danesh Banian Meh Sazan Company was established in Mashhad in 1375 with the help of God Almighty and using modern knowledge in order to meet part of the needs of the country's electricity industry.

This company has been created by attracting expert people and working to meet all the needs of its customers in the field of lighting.

Why are foggers better than other competitors?

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The variety of products and the production of more than 800 types of products show the company's ability to design and manufacture all kinds of lighting (customization).

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 The completely metal and integrated body in the foggers products was designed and produced for the first time in Iran by foggers engineers.

The body of the products is made of steel sheet (tin plate). This feature causes low weight, thinness of the sheet and very high heat exchange compared to similar plastic and aluminum products.

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The use of LED products with high density in all the products of fog makers, which guarantees a long life of the product.

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 Using the world's most reliable brands in the parts used for lighting (drive: MEANWELL, TRIDONIC), (SMD chip set: Sanan\philips\citizen\osram\samsung)

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The design of the bending angle of the frame body of the fog products according to the angle of the SMD light in order to make the light uniform and not dark on the light surface of the lamp.

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Using the module holder pin made of Hosta Form materials instead of bolts and nuts in order not to connect the body exclusively in all fog makers products.


Using standard polystyrene diffusers with more than 90% uniform light transmission

The use of an easy installation mechanism exclusively in all fogger products

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Unconditional 5-year warranty for fogging products and 10 years of on-site after-sales service.




The right price of the products compared to the quality, warranty and after-sales service


 Production speed in high circulation using the most up-to-date machines and equipment in the world


Color temperature stability and color rendering index above 85% in manufactured products due to the use of high quality standard SMD modules