Techniques and mistakes in bedroom lighting

Mistakes in bedroom lighting and choosing the wrong lights is one of the things that is less noticed. Since the bedroom is a place where people rest and relax, then you should be very careful when lighting it and be obsessive about choosing its light.

From the other point of view, lighting and its effect on the mind has a long philosophy, and from the point of view of psychology, if you have a broad view of lighting, you will realize that light also plays a prominent role in people’s lives, which is given less attention. Also, mistakes in bedroom lighting can have a great impact on your comfort and peace in that room. This article covers the most common ups and downs of bedroom lighting. This article covers the most common ups and downs of bedroom lighting.


Choose the color of the room light

If you do sensitive activities in your bedroom such as reading, designing, or makeup, then you should also be sensitive when choosing a lamp. So that the lighting of your room is different when you sleep and when you have sensitive tasks.

Choosing the color of white light in the bedroom can be a suitable option for many people, but the following points should be kept in mind:

  1. Proper lighting
  2. Combination with decoration color and interior style
  3. Combine it with another color
  4. Do not overuse

Choosing the color of yellow light in the bedroom can have the following favorable effects:

  1. Creating a feeling of warmth and comfort
  2. Creating a pleasant and intimate atmosphere
  3. The combination of yellow light with white light is much more suitable and should be observed.

7 common mistakes in bedroom lighting

1. Ignoring decoration:

When choosing lighting fixtures, one common mistake is to ignore the overall design and style of your bedroom. The choice of light and the type of lamp you choose should be in harmony with the interior. The harmony between the decor and the chosen type of light must be observed.

2. Using only one light source:

One of the common mistakes of homeowners is to use one light source for each room. Using a single light can make the environment look dull and lifeless. This causes eye fatigue and if there is no window and light in the room, it can have a negative effect on the mind and surrounding energy.

3. Not paying attention to shadows:

Whenever there is light, there is also shadow. Placing the light direction in the wrong place in terms of design and decor can cause more problems. For example, a pendant light directly above the fitting room mirror can cast shadows on your face and make it difficult to apply makeup.

Similarly, relying on a single light source in a study can cast large shadows on your desk that can cause eyestrain. You can solve the shading problem by using lights such as salon wall lights, table or floor lights, LED lighting products, and under-cabinet lights.


4. Not using dimer:

At first glance, dimmers may seem like extra accessories that are considered an unnecessary expense. But dimmers are the best kept secret of lighting design. But dimmers are the best kept secret of lighting design. With a dimmer, you can control the brightness of a lamp and change it as you wish.


Use of dimers

5. Not paying attention to input voltages:

Always remember to read the labels detailing the maximum recommended voltage on lighting equipment and use that as a guide when purchasing replacement lights. Lights whose voltage is too high for a fixture may overheat and cause sparks and fires.

6. Much attention to the beauty of lights:

Most women or designers pay more attention to the beauty of a lamp and ignore its standard items. Also, they may filter the selection based on price, which is not a criterion for choosing lights and lighting. Try to be aware of the standards and, in certain cases, the degree of protection of the lamp using its IP to choose the lamp and light source.

7. Ignoring natural light:

The use of natural light is always necessary for our body. Since it is considered the only place to absorb sunlight in the house, try to make the most of it if the light enters the bedroom and do not replace it with artificial light. But if there is no light, follow the above instructions to make the least mistakes in the design.

The types of lighting in a bedroom should be different to make the space practical and pleasant. This means bedside lighting, reading lights, dressing table and mirror lights, closet lights, ceiling lights, and maybe even wall lights. Each of the above should be independently controllable and each may be used at different times of the day or night to create a bright or dark and attractive atmosphere.

Light line or linear lamp is one of the new products in the field of new lighting, which is produced in three models: surface, built-in and pendant.


Amatris veneer optical line

The Amatris Rokar light bulb is one of those lights that bring you a lot of functionality in addition to being modern. This lamp model is suitable for the room and reception, which creates an impressive beauty that matches the decoration of the environment.


Techniques and mistakes in bedroom lighting

Edison light line

These types of lights have relatively high light efficiency and emit light uniformly. They also consume less energy than other products. One of the advantages of using this line is long life and better light flux. The special feature of this lamp is that the light source cannot be seen from a distance of 3 meters from the installation point, which is suitable for the beauty of the bedroom, and it has the ability to spread light up to a radius of at least 4 meters.


Optical line light

Correct focus on bedroom lighting

Have you ever noticed that when you are in the hotel bedroom, a switch next to your bed is designed to control all the lights in the room? It’s a simple pleasure that you can use as a smart design in your bedroom.

According to research, generally dimming the lights at night signals the brain to relax and prepare for sleep. Low light creates a relaxing atmosphere and helps reduce eye fatigue.

However, brighter light is probably needed on dark mornings when you need to wake up and get ready, so always keep the lighting balanced.


The importance of paying attention to the color of the room

Choosing the color of light is an inseparable philosophy of lighting. Just as you obsess over choosing the color of clothes in different seasons, you should also think about choosing the color of the wall, decoration and lighting of the room and house.


last word

There are many reasons to care about lighting. Since you start and end your day in the bedroom, you can understand how important it is. Bedrooms are rest and relaxation spaces that are different from the rest of the house.

The importance of lighting in the bedroom should not be ignored, because it can easily provide you with relaxation during sleep.

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