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Green space lighting principles and implementation techniques

The principles of green space lighting are one of the vital methods in urban lighting that you must know about its key principles. The green space and garden environment, as well as the garden with beautiful trees and flowers, bring a unique effect and are one of the places that are always in everyone’s sight, so stay with us.


The use of green space in creating security

One of the primary advantages of implementing proper lighting in public parks is the increased safety it provides for visitors. Inadequate lighting can create hazardous conditions, such as increasing the risk of accidents, criminal activity, and damage. By lighting park pathways, seating areas, entrances and walkways, visitors feel safer and the overall perception of safety is improved. Cities that prioritize well-lit public parks report lower crime rates and often look nicer.

Cities that prioritize well-lit public parks report lower crime rates and often look nicer. Installing lighting that highlights park features such as trees, sculptures, or water features can transform an otherwise ordinary park into a stunning attraction, attracting visitors from all over the place.

By carefully choosing lighting equipment and using creative designs, public parks can create visually attractive spaces. Landscape lighting, if carefully designed, can highlight architectural elements, enhance landscaping, and create the desired atmosphere.


Green space lightingGreen space lighting lights


Principles of green space lighting

  1. Light balance: This principle says that the balance between bright and dark lights should be maintained in the green space. This makes different parts of the space have proportional lighting and does not create a lot of contrast.
  2. Light focus: Lighting should focus on the main and beautiful components of the space. such as trees, bushes, statues or fountains. This principle makes the space look more attractive in general.
  3. Variety of lighting: Using variety in types of light and lighting can make the green space more attractive. Direct and indirect lights, colored lights, and variable lights can be used to increase the feeling and attractiveness of the space.
  4. Preservation of the environment: one of the principles of green space lighting is to pay special attention to the preservation of the environment. The use of low consumption lights and light sources that cause less damage to the environment can be of great importance.
  5. Relaxation and relaxation: Lighting should convey the feeling of relaxation and relaxation to people. Using soft and natural lights with relaxing colors in the green space can enhance this feeling and allow people to enjoy the space.

The principles of lighting green spaces

Advantages of LED lighting in green spaces

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has been launched, which has significantly changed the way public spaces are lit and has become the primary choice for parking lot lighting. Let’s look at the advantages of LED lighting:


energy efficiency:

LED lighting consumes significantly less energy than traditional lighting solutions, leading to lower carbon emissions and energy costs.
By switching to LED lighting, parks can contribute to environmental sustainability while saving on operating costs.


life span:

LED lighting has a very long working life of up to 50,000 hours or more. This eliminates the need for frequent replacements and reduces maintenance costs.
Parks and outdoor spaces can benefit from reliable and permanent lighting.



LED lighting offers flexibility in terms of color and intensity. Parks can create a variety of lighting schemes to match specific events or seasonal changes.


The importance of proper lighting in the green space

Increased safety:

One of the main reasons for installing proper lighting in parks is to ensure the safety of visitors. Well-lit paths, entrances, and parking lots reduce the risk of accidents, deter criminal activity, and promote a sense of security among park users. Studies have shown that proper lighting in public spaces can reduce crime rates by 20%.

Extension of hours of use:

Proper lighting in parks expands their usability in the hours of darkness. This allows people to enjoy the open spaces even after sunset. Expanding park hours provides opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and recreation that help foster a healthy and dynamic community.

Mental and physical improvement:

Natural light, along with artificial light at night, conveys a beautiful view to the city.


Astaria lamp

Modern lighting with Astaria lamp with steel sheet body material and IP66 degree of protection is very suitable for green space lighting. This lamp with 3000k light color and AMBER color is very suitable for growing plants. Therefore, you can choose Astaria lamp for the environment and beauty of your green space.

The durability of this lamp is very high due to its steel body. The lifespan of these types of bodies is higher than normal lights, because they are completely resistant to strong sunlight, snow and rain, heat and impact.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Suitable for building lighting
  • Lighting of statues and objects
  • Efficiency in museums
  • The plant growth light has a full spectrum of colors that provides the natural cycle of plant growth.

Green space lighting with fog makers

last word

Green space lighting is one of the most attractive methods that you can implement for your garden and yard area. In this type of lighting, various lighting devices are used to make the space look more beautiful.

In this way, the green space can be displayed in a very special and stylish way. This article talked about the techniques and lighting of the green space. With the help of this information, you can have a better view of the principles of green space lighting and implement it better.

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