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The latest lighting ideas with line lights

Tips for supporting architecture and user needs with linear lights

Linear lighting is a special type of lighting that traditionally uses linear and narrow lights with LED strips to create continuous linear lighting. This lighting model has been widely welcomed in interior decoration and modern architecture. Today, these linear lights are often combined with various types of spotlights, which are used for general lighting and lighting a specified area.

In fact, the terms linear lighting and profile lighting can be used interchangeably, as they basically work in the same way. The rest of this article provides the best ways to incorporate linear lighting and updated structures into your design.

High-quality LED light structures allow the use of lamps with different distributions. Luminaires shall be available as both linear and corner luminaires to create seamless and continuous lighting effects and visual appearance in corners and rectangular geometries.


Linear lightsoptical line


Advantages and applications of linear lighting

Linear light or light line, in addition to reasonable and economical consumption, gives a simple and minimal effect to the space. It also has high efficiency and longevity.

Linear lighting has many advantages for interior projects; With linear lights, architecture and creative designs can be implemented using direct and indirect light effects. Also, the possibility of choosing different colors can add visual impact to the space and make the space dynamic and attractive. In general, linear lighting is a comprehensive solution for all interior lighting needs.

This model of lighting is suitable for installation in limited and small spaces.


Lighting tips in the store with linear lights

Lighting in stores is considered very important; Because the quality of lighting has a great impact on the purchase and mood of the customer. The light chosen for lighting the store should be simple in addition to quality and sufficient light and should focus on the products and showcases.

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Tips for lighting the facade of the building with linear lights


In the design of buildings, linear lighting can create beautiful effects and give a special effect to architecture. One of the lights that can be used in the facade of buildings for beauty are light lines. The combination of luminous stones and decorative lights, along with the linear lights, create an impressive beauty. In order to illuminate the facade of the building with linear lights, the protected type of these lights, or IP, should be used.


Interior lighting tips with linear lights


In general, warm light, which naturally refers to daylight, is suitable for interior decoration. Using linear lights on the walls is very effective not only for lighting the environment, but also for creating decorative effects.

Also, linear hidden lights are suitable for living spaces, kitchens, photo frames and ceilings or near the ground to create beautiful hidden light for certain spaces.

Office lighting ideas with linear lights

Linear lights with white light are suitable for lighting industrial and office environments.

Types of linear lights


Built-in linear lights: Built-in linear lights are available in two forms, with frames and without frames, which are without edges. In general, linear lights are used as the main light source in many places such as conference halls, urban and commercial spaces, exhibitions. Built-in light line is a type of light line that is installed directly on the roof of the building. This type of lighting is also used for indoor spaces, especially low-height spaces such as small rooms.linear light

Surface linear lights:

The faceted linear lamp is available in the market in two forms, hanging and ceiling. They can be used in office environments such as banks, universities, private and government centers or commercial centers such as arcades and large and small stores. By using these lights, you can give the desired spaces a luxurious and modern visual appearance and design the ambient lighting in the best way.

Line lights in fog



The difference between the installation of built-in and surface-mounted linear lights

Linear lamp is one of the types of modern lighting that is used in architectural lighting and interior design. The main difference between these two lights is how they are installed. The built-in linear light is installed directly in the ceiling, so that part of the light is not visible, while the surfaced linear light is not completely inserted into the ceiling after installation, and the entire light device is visible.

Light up the space like a pro with linear lighting.

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