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Lighting of commercial centers

The lighting of commercial centers is one of the very important components that should be taken into consideration at the beginning of its construction. The world of sales reminds us that attracting customers depends on the creativity of the presentation. Commercial centers are also not separated from this law as a sales platform.

People who visit these centers are interested in walking in this place. Corridors and interior spaces of commercial complexes need standard lighting, that’s why store and center owners use various lighting methods to beautify the environment. Because attracting customers is one of the things that requires high intelligence.

Light not only has the function of illumination, but also psychologically affects the energy, satisfaction and mood of a person. Interior light levels should be balanced in some way to ensure that visitors stay in the center for longer and do not feel tired.

It is suggested to use warm lights for the interior lighting of the passages and centers and try to convey a sense of security to the customers with the chosen light and colors.


Exterior lighting of commercial centers

All commercial centers have exterior facades that are either used as parking spaces or as green spaces.

If you take a look at all the luxury and beautiful buildings, you will notice that, along with the beautiful architecture of the building, lighting is also very important. They often try to attract the attention of passers-by by using amazing lighting. The lighting of commercial centers also helps to beautify the city.


Interior lighting of commercial centers

According to research, centers that have proper lighting have more experience in selling their products or services. Part of this research was done on shops that had old and traditional lighting and another part on shops that implemented modern and new lighting.


Lighting of commercial buildings in different parts

We all know that the interior spaces of the complex need standard lighting. Therefore, designers should be familiar with standard lighting tips. If the lighting of commercial centers is done in a principled and attractive way, it is very likely that their visitors will become loyal customers.


Showcase lighting:

In such a case, it is better to use local lighting. The more the desired lighting is focused on the product, the more your product can be seen. Therefore, you can benefit from all kinds of decorative lights.

Avin is one of the most beautiful decorative fog lights. The body of this light is made of integrated steel sheet with electrostatic powder paint coating, which has high resistance. This lamp is used for window lighting because of the special beauty it gives to the environment.


Corridor lighting:

Stairways and corridors are also considered as other important parts of the centers. Since these areas are the places where people go, their lighting is also important and logical. Sometimes, in case of emergencies and accidents, the staircase is a part that needs a specific plan and strategy. This strategy can specify the exit route with signposts and polar emergency lights.



Polaron and guide lights


Essential tips for installing emergency lights in centers and corridors


Cafe and restaurant lighting inside centers:

Since cafes and restaurants do not have storefronts, for this reason their interior must create a special effect so that passers-by find the desire to be there. This point is perhaps one of the most important points of cafe and coffee shop lighting design, which depends on your taste and the lights you choose.



Covered parking lots:

This space is not limited to commercial centers, if they are residential towers or belong to a cinema, principles should be considered in their design process. One of its important principles is the rules of lighting in these spaces. These sections should be as safe as possible. Parking lots may not have proper lighting even during the day due to their location. For example, types of these spaces that are located in the floors below the ground floor. Maintaining the safety of pedestrians, preventing accidents on floors, preventing crime, are all things that make us consider lighting and lighting design in parking lots as important.


The lights in the parking lot

Parking lights


The shopping center lighting design team should consider other main parts of these centers separately. These areas are:


  • Inputs
  • entertainment complex
  • Elevator, escalator
  • Toilets
  • stores


Lighting tips for commercial centers

1- Choosing the right lamp: You should choose the most suitable lamp for lighting according to the needs of the space you have. This selection should include the selection of lights to use direct, indirect, hidden light and ambient light. For these parts, you can use linear lights that give you excellent and uniform lighting.

In the following, you can see some examples of fog light lines that can be used for these parts.




Amatris product


Edison light line

Edison light line




2- Using the right colors for lighting: The right use of colors in lighting has a great effect on the attractiveness of the environment. Warm and red colors are known as exciting colors while blue and green colors are used as calming colors.

3- Determine the purpose of lighting: You must have a special strategy for lighting commercial centers. Determine your goal of lighting; For example, the lighting of the corridor of gold sellers is completely different from the corridor of shoe sellers. First, you need to know what type of light the area you want to light needs.

4- Paying attention to the size of shop windows: If you plan to have a professional and principled lighting experience, you should pay attention to the type and size of shop windows. For example, a shop window with fewer products should use local lighting and focus on the product. But if the showcase is crowded, the light should shine evenly on the products so as not to bother the eyes.


Foggers lighting and lighting group

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