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Why should we support national production?

Supporting national production is an important and necessary topic, and every year many officials and workers talk about the importance of national production, and many advertisements are made to encourage people to buy national products instead of imported goods. But why is national production important? Does national production have anything to do with imports? What effect does national production have in improving the country’s development process? In this article, we discuss the complete and comprehensive review of national production and the questions surrounding it. Stay with us until the end of the article.


Why should we support national production?

Supporting national production is known as an important strategy in the economic development of countries. By doing this, the domestic added value and national income increase, this leads to the improvement of people’s living standards and social well-being. In addition, the use of domestic production reduces the country’s dependence on imports and increases economic independence. Due to the fluctuations of the global market, countries that rely on domestic production are more resistant to external shocks and are able to continue their economic activities. Also, supporting domestic production can improve technology and innovation in the country. With the development of domestic industries, countries benefit from their technical knowledge and potential work experience. Therefore, supporting national production is very important for economic development, reducing dependence and increasing economic independence, improving people’s living standards and social well-being, as well as advancing technology and innovation in the country.


What can be done to support national production?

You can pay attention to the conditions and needs of the domestic market and prefer domestic products to foreign products. For this purpose, customers can seek to buy domestic products and, if possible, support domestic businesses. In addition, governments and government agencies can provide support programs for the development of domestic industries and the domestic production of products and services. These supports can include loan facilities with the lowest interest rates, financial support for research and development, creation of equipment and specialized and technical manpower, tax benefits and creation of a database of domestic products. Also, helping to develop cottage industries and small workshops can help create financial circulation among local families and support the economic and social improvement of villages and small towns. Therefore, supporting national production can be done according to the needs of the domestic market and the development of domestic industries, support for domestic businesses and export development, loan facilities with the lowest interest rates, the creation of equipment and specialized and technical manpower, tax benefits and the creation of a database. from domestic productions and help in the development of home industries and small workshops.


The risk of imports and national production

Indiscriminate import of low-quality lighting products into the country is one of the obstacles to the prosperity of this industry. National production can increase the fields of employment in the country and as a result lead to the creation of more wealth and independence in various economic, political and social sectors, while production means valuing the national interests of the country. When manufacturers, especially manufacturers of lighting products, are faced with the import of low-quality goods with low tariffs, even if the law of maximum use of domestic power is implemented, it will not be effective.


Supporting national production by fighting copying

The term copycat, which can be considered equivalent to copywork in Farsi, refers to companies that prefer to steal other people’s ideas and reproduce them instead of innovation and taking advantage of research and development. Unfortunately, this virus is clearly visible in the country’s lighting industry. Many and clumsy copying of all kinds of products in the lighting industry has caused the final product to no longer stand out as a value in the industry; Rather, the knowledge of producing a product and its technology is considered as the most valuable asset of a production.


The impact of imports on national production

The indiscriminate and low-quality import of lighting products to the country “steams” the efforts of sympathetic craftsmen in this industry. In recent years, the issue of “unlawful imports” has been the focus of economic experts and some government officials, and there hasn’t been a day that the media has not mentioned this issue. The issue of illegal importation is one of the root issues in the country’s economy. According to the law, the country’s needs should be met first based on domestic production, and then the rest of the people’s needs should be compensated through imports. In order to support national productions, it is necessary to stop excessive imports into the country. Jihad to support national production has become one of the indicators of independence and parameters of power in today’s world, therefore nothing but dependence can arise from the chaos and stagnation of production in a land.


Supporting national production

The need to support national production in the lighting industry

The main problem of the lighting industry is that in the atmosphere of disputes and disagreements, the form of science and rationality has been lost and a space has been created for the import mafia. To continue its work, the mafia spreads keywords that affect all sympathizers, experts, people and policy makers. Experts also make decisions under the influence of these keywords that bring the industry to black soil. One of these keywords is the protection of consumer rights, but when the criterion of development and rationality is lost, the solution to the realization of consumer rights is considered to be the import of low-quality products, which as a result of the efforts of compassionate jihadists vaporizes the industry. In order to support the national production, it is necessary to prevent excessive imports.

Fog makers and supporting national production

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